Domestic Pet Care

Passionate about providing first-class pet care

At Lisburn Veterinary Clinic, we understand that it is upsetting when your pet becomes unwell. We have a dedicated team who will treat your pets with the utmost care. They will also advise you and help you understand your pet's symptoms.

Nurse clinics

Our fully qualified veterinary nurses will be able to help you with all routine pet care, including nail clipping, suture removal, medication administration, ear cleaning, flea examination and therapeutic grooming. They carry out nurse clinics at Sloan Street, Lisburn, covering various aspects of your pet's health including:
  • Dental care
  • Weight management
  • Nutrition advice
  • Specialist care for puppies and kittens
  • Geriatric checks for pets over 7 years old
Farm animal care
pre dental treatment

Pet dental treatments in Lisburn

Many cats and dogs older than 3 years of age show signs of dental disease. At Lisburn Veterinary Clinic, we have the latest air driven dental machine and piezo ultrasonic dental scaler to clean and polish your pet's teeth. When it comes to extraction, pain prevention is paramount to us. We’ll try to extract the damaged teeth with minimal discomfort.
dog micro chipping

Dog micro-chipping

Dog micro-chipping is a simple and easy procedure, and it gives you the reassurance that you can always be contacted, if your dog goes missing. Our staff are trained and experienced in inserting microchips and will take complete care of your dogs during the process. If you are located in County Antrim or County Down, visit our clinic in Lisburn today.
pet surgery

Pet surgery

At Lisburn Veterinary Clinic, we have a fully equipped surgical theatre with gaseous anaesthetic. All surgical cases undergoing a general anaesthetic are monitored by a veterinary nurse to ensure the highest safety standards during the procedure. We provide a wide range of surgical procedures from neutering to orthopaedic cases..
pet diagnostics


With our own in-house blood testing machine, we are able to provide biochemistry and haematology analysis of your pet's blood within 15 minutes. We also provide X-rays, ECG reports, ultrasound scans and diagnostic ophthalmoscopy. We also provide a range of medical treatments to ensure your pet starts its treatment immediately after diagnosis.
 "I would just like to say that we highly recommend this vet, they provided us with the best care for our dog Sam, and they were only a phone call away. Massive thanks to Christine and Rebecca and Tanya who were wonderful this morning when we had to make the awful final decision. Thank you so much for being there."
- Paula Stewart
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